Partner with Convoy to invest in projects that offset the carbon emissions from shipping and hit your sustainability goals.  


A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, which is created through an emissions reduction project.  

Project developers rely on offset purchases or donations to fund long-term investments in sustainable technologies and environmental management.


Carbon offsets are an effective way for shippers to counteract the Scope 3 carbon emissions produced by their transportation.

Convoy is offering this program at the cost of the credits with no markup - 100% of funds go directly towards the purchase of carbon offsets.

As transportation leaders recognize the importance of quantifying sustainability metrics, Convoy makes it easy to track and report on the effect of their shipping activities.


Reduce first, then offset

Let us handle the details

Reporting insights

Our core efforts will continue to leverage our digital freight network to offer more efficient shipping options. As our network and green shipping programs develop, we also reduce the need to offset.

You can rely on our sustainability team to:

  • Calculate the carbon emissions from shipments
  • Vet carbon offset providers and projects
  • Obtain and retire credits

In addition to offset project impact reporting, we harness our data capabilities to give you a better image of transportation emissions, reductions in waste from Convoy’s efficiency features, and the impact from offsetting those emissions.


Projects we invest in are verified under internationally recognized standards by third party organizations, such as the American Carbon Registry, Verified Carbon Standard, and the Gold Standard. These projects are vetted to ensure that all carbon offsets produced are independently quantified, verified, and registered.

Forest Conservation

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) projects work with local communities to mitigate deforestation pressures by providing economic resources, agricultural training, and establishing alternative economic activities that do not rely on the degradation of natural forests.

MEET OUR PARTNER Foundation is a leading U.S.-based nonprofit that has provided carbon emissions reduction and climate solutions since 2003.  


Let us know you're interested and we'll set you up with a custom plan - small or large - that works to meet your goals.

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